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Botox Alternatives – Is a "Botox Cream" Right For You?

Botox alternatives have become popular products in recent years. This popularity is mainly the result of the thought of being injected with a needle filled with a toxic substance. In reality, botox is safe but continual injections every few months are required since the botox effect on muscle contractions around the wrinkled area wears off over time.

An image of a young women undergoing botox injections

Above: The Dream of Staying Eternally Young - A Young Women Undergoes a Botox Injection Treatment

However, by using quality botox alternatives or "botox creams" you can get similar results without the needles. Of course, your results will mostly depend on how effective the product you choose works with you as an individual. However, it is possible an alternative product will go a long way in reducing your wrinkles.

It is unlikely you will experience the same results achievable by getting botox injection treatments. But with so many people opting for the "no needle" approach these alternative products may provide sufficient results.

Crystal structure of botulinum neurotoxin (botox) type A and implications for toxicity

Above: Artist rendition of the Crystal Structure of Botulinum Neurotoxin (Botox) Type A

Main Reason for Botox Alternatives Popularity

The popularity of botox alternatives is mainly due to the effectiveness and success of botox injections. This success triggered the entire cosmetics industry to develop these alternatives to boost their bottom line.

These substitute products fall under the classification of "line relaxers" due to their pronounced anti wrinkle effect – many call them "botox creams" or "topical botox". This effect is caused by the formulation of ingredients that soften or reduce the appearances of lines on the facial skin.  These lines or wrinkles are normally caused by smiling or other facial expressions.

Active Ingredients in Many Botox Alternatives

The most common ingredients found in alternatives of botox are peptides and neuro-peptides. Since these peptides occur naturally in our bodies, most people are more willing to use the alternatives instead of the injections. These neuro-peptides cause contracting muscles in the face to relax, thus making facial lines and wrinkles disappear.

Other products in the classification of "line relaxers" use "GABA" or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid which is produced naturally by the body as its own muscle relaxant. GABA serves to numb and tighten the skin to product instant relaxing of the skin and thus smoothing out of the wrinkles

A Look at Two Promising Products

Two top selling botox alternatives "Physicians Complex Dermal Relaxer" and "DDF Wrinkle Relax" have been used successfully as a topical muscle relaxant.

An image of a young women Botox Lip Injections

Above: Botox Lip Injections to Smooth Out the Lip Area

is a "topical botox" product that uses GABA to inhibit the nerve impulses in the muscles from contracting which is what caused the wrinkles in the first place. It numbs and tightens the skin and lasts for up to 8 hours. The producers of "dermal relaxer" highly tout its wrinkle releasing capabilities and customer reviews agree. It is fairly expensive but it works.

is formulated using non-toxic peptide and neuron-peptide technology to assist in removing lines caused by facial expressions. It also acts to prevent premature aging by adding collagen and elastin to the skin cells. It will not limit any facial expressions or harm the facial muscles. The manufacturers claim visible results in approximately two weeks.

It is unclear if GABA has a positive effect on muscle relaxation and wrinkle reduction. In the best case scenario smaller fine lines would be reduced and not large deep creases. In addition, topical muscle relaxants probably would not offer the immediate results of botox injections. Even so, these botox creams are very effective but just for a shorter time period – maybe long enough for a night out on the town or a class reunion, for example.

However, using topical botox alternatives along with quality skincare moisturizers, creams, and sun screens will produce long-lasting results simply because you are taking better care of your skin. Using an effective and long-term skin care regime (http://www.skincarerx.com/) in conjunction with topical relaxers is a more cost effective solution then botox injections for removing fine lines and wrinkles.

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